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Smart cities, IT infrastructures evolution, digital urban divide and internet legal framework in developing countries - Structure


GIOVANNI ZICCARDI , responsible for the course

Degree in SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (classe LM-81) enrolled from 2017/2018 academic year - Laurea Magistrale - HUMAN RIGTHS AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - 2017/2018

Compulsory course or activityNo
Year of course2s
Term or semester1st semester
Scientific fields (settori scientifico-disciplinari)
  • IUS/20 - Filosofia del diritto
ECTS credits (CFU) compulsory6
ECTS credits - facultative-

General information

Expected learning results: The Course aims to give the students:
- Full knowledge of the main legal issues related to new technologies and their development in developing Countries and in the smart cities/metropolitan digital areas.
- Useful technical knowledge to correctly interpret the political and social framework involving computer science or new technologies in Developing Countries.
- Familiarity with reference to technical terms or innovative institutions.
- Detection capability of the correct rule to apply to any technical issue, and refinement of independent evaluation.
- Ability to analyze the legal framework of various Countries with regard to technological and digital divide.
- Ability to present the knowledge gained with language properties and clarity.

Prerequisites, exams and assessment

Type of assessment

Structure of the course

Scientific fields

  • IUS/20 - Filosofia del diritto - Credits:6

Lezioni: 42 hours

Teachers ' office hours

Teacher's office hours
TeacherOffice location
GIOVANNI ZICCARDI , responsible for the coursegiovedì dalle 10,30 alle 11,30 scrivendo per mail a giovanni.ziccardi@unimi.itDipartimento "Cesare Beccaria"