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Programme in SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (classe LM-81)
enrolled from 2017/2018 academic year

Type of ProgrammeMaster Degree
Academic year2017/2018
Type of degree awardedDottore magistrale
Active curricula
Length of the programme2 years
ECTS credits required for admission180
Activated years1st year
Entry requirements
Admission without debts from the following Bachelor's Degrees

Introductory overview

The LL.M. in Sustainable Development at the University of Milan is the first European Graduate Programme that aims at improving the legal skills necessary to better grasp the three interconnected dimensions (economic, social and environmental) of sustainable development. It offers students an in-depth interdisciplinary academic training to specialise in key issues agreed upon by the International Community within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development “Transforming Our World” and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Educational and learning aims

The LL.M. Programme offers an integrative curriculum to improve the synergies necessary to develop actions aimed at achieving a long-term improvement of the quality of life through the creation of sustainable legal strategies. The two year LL.M. Programme allows students to obtain advanced interdisciplinary training and knowledge of local, international and transnational trends and strategies for sustainable development.
The Programme’s unusually rich course offering includes advanced courses in different areas, such as:
• International Law, European Union Law, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, International and European Criminal Law, Comparative Civil Procedure, Philosophy of Law, Private Law, Comparative Law, Corporate Law, Trade Law, Investment Law, Competition Law, Labour Law, Transport Law, Tax Law, Agriculture Law, Financial Law,
as well as courses in relevant economic and sociological disciplines, such as:
• Sociology, Economic Geography, Economics and Economy Policy, Economic History.


The LL.M. in Sustainable Development aims at training legal experts, with a comprehensive background in the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Our graduates acquire the necessary skills to elaborate, support and assess sustainable legal and economic policies and strategies both in the Public and Private Sectors.
With regard to the Public Sector, the Programme aims at training legal experts able to integrate social, economic and environmental concerns in the central and local Public Administration’s policies in key areas such as: telecommunication, new technologies, water, sanitation, health, electric power and gas, transportation, infrastructure, agriculture, green public procurement.
As regards the Private Sector, the LL.M. Programme aims at training ethically oriented corporate legal experts and economic operators, able to play a key role in monitoring, tracking, aligning and integrating social and environmental impacts in the business sector, in order to help companies to meet their corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.
More specifically, the LL.M. Programme aims at training the following professionals:
- Environmental and sustainability managers
- Experts in: management and audit of Public Administration, management and audit of private companies, human resources, work organization, financial activities, market analysis, company law, state company law, economic systems.