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Principles of contract law - Structure
Principles of contract law - Structure


CARLO MARCHETTI , responsible for the course

Degree in SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (classe LM-81) enrolled until 2016/2017 academic year - Laurea Magistrale - DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, TRADE, FINANCE, INVESTEMENT, COMPETITION - 2017/2018

Compulsory course or activityNo
Year of course2s
Term or semester1st semester
Scientific fields (settori scientifico-disciplinari)
  • IUS/02 - Diritto privato comparato
ECTS credits (CFU) compulsory6
ECTS credits - facultative-

General information

Teaching methods: The course consists of 42 hours of lessons.
During the course, after a brief explanation by the professors, students will discuss each issue together. Students need to study materials before each lesson.


Syllabus: The main focus of the course is analyzing the mainkey institutions of contract law from a comparative perspective. The language of the course is English.
In particular, the course will provide students

- the understanding of the general principles of international contracts, including: historical formation of the law of contract; role of consent; normative theories of contract law; the structure of the contract (from exchange to organizational contract); contract design and good faith; implied terms and interpretation; breach of contract; national and international trends of harmonizing contract law;
- ability to rework principles and rules of private law and to apply such knowledge to specific cases;
- ability to interpret legislation systematically; independent capacity to identify the ratio behind each rule;
- ability in applying the comparative method, in consideration of the divergences and convergences of the major European legal traditions.

Readings: Lectures will be based on specific reading materials indicated prior to each lesson.

Prerequisites, exams and assessment

Type of assessmentEsame
Assessmentvoto verbalizzato in trentesimi

Prerequisites, exams and assessment The attendance of 70% of the classes is mandatory to pass the exam.

Structure of the course

Scientific fields

  • IUS/02 - Diritto privato comparato - Credits:6

Teachers ' office hours

Teacher's office hours
TeacherOffice location
CARLO MARCHETTI , responsible for the courseVenerdì alle ore 14,30. Eventuali variazioni di orario verranno pubblicate sul sito del Dipartimento alla pagina http://www.dpsd.unimi.it/ecm/home/didattica/didattica-nelle-sezioni/diritto-civile.Sezione di diritto civile.
ROSSELLA ESTHER CERCHIAricevimento: mercoledì 16 gennaio 2019 dalle 9.30 in sede di appelloDipartimento di diritto privato e storia del diritto