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Competition law and economics - programma
Competition law and economics - programma

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LUCA TOFFOLETTI , responsabile dell'insegnamento

Corso di laurea in GIURISPRUDENZA C.U. (CLASSE LMG/01) Immatricolati dall'a.a. 2014/2015 - Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico - 2016/2017

Insegnamento obbligatorioNo
Anno di corso
Periodo di svolgimentoprimo semestre
Settori scientifico disciplinari
  • IUS/04 - Diritto commerciale
Crediti (CFU) obbligatori6
Crediti (CFU) facoltativi-

Informazioni generali

Metodi didattici: Class attendance is mandatory. Reading materials will be made available in advance, via the course’s website. Students are advised to read materials before classes, and will be required to participate in the discussion and illustration of rules and cases. Moot court exercises will be carried out during the course.

Programma di studio

Programma: The course offers an introduction to EU antitrust law, covering the substantive aspects, the enforcement mechanisms and the institutional interplay between EU and national jurisdictions. It includes an overview of the basic notions and tools of economic analysis that are essential to understand the grounds and reasons of the rules and their application. The course also aims at providing knowledge of rules and case law within the context of the broader policy issues at stake.
The substantive contents will cover the three main areas of restrictive agreements, abuses of dominant position and merger control, and will be illustrated and discussed through he analysis of cases. Specific attention will be devoted to certain business conducts (such as cartels, predatory practices, access to essential facilities, e-commerce and platforms) with a focus on the analysis of the problems that their regulation pose.

Bibliografia e altri materiali didattici: Lectures will be based on specific reading materials indicated prior to each class.

Modalità di esame, prerequisiti, esami propedeutici

Esame in un'unica volta o suddiviso in partiunico
Modalità di accertamento conoscenzeEsame
Giudiziovoto verbalizzato in trentesimi

Prerequisiti e modalità di esame Moot courts and case studies will constitute part of the final assessment. The final exam will be an oral interview or a written (open book) test. The written test will consist in providing a reasoned position within a case situation. It will be held at the end of the course. In the final weeks a mock written test will be conducted: students shall be required to draft at home the assigned paper, that will be then reviewed and returned individually (results will not be part of the final assessment); a discussion on methodology and content referred to the provided case situation will be conducted in class.

Organizzazione della didattica

Settori e relativi crediti

  • Settore:IUS/04 - Diritto commerciale - Crediti:6
Attività didattiche previste

Lezioni: 45 ore

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LUCA TOFFOLETTI , responsabile dell'insegnamentoLunedì h. 13.00. Eventuali variazioni di orario verranno pubblicate sul sito del Dipartimento alla pagina http://www.dpsd.unimi.it/ecm/home/didattica/didattica-nelle-sezioni/diritto-commerciale-e-industriale-e-analisi-di-politica-economica.