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European criminal law - programma
European criminal law - programma

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FRANCESCO VIGANO' , responsabile dell'insegnamento

Corso di laurea in GIURISPRUDENZA C.U. (CLASSE LMG/01) Immatricolati dall'a.a. 2014/2015 - Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico - 2015/2016

Insegnamento obbligatorioNo
Anno di corso
Periodo di svolgimentosecondo semestre
Settori scientifico disciplinari
  • IUS/17 - Diritto penale
Crediti (CFU) obbligatori6
Crediti (CFU) facoltativi-

Informazioni generali

Metodi didattici: Interaction between professor and students, on the one hand, and problem solving technique, on the other, will be the key features of this course.
Students will be invited to work on relevant materials available at the ARIAL-webpage and then encouraged to make short presentations or participate in the discussions in class.
Please consider that a perfect command of English is not needed for the purposes of this course, which is also meant as an opportunity for students to enhance their linguistic skills in legal issues. After all, communication should be our aim, not linguistic perfection.

Programma di studio

Programma: Criminal law is an essential tool to ensure the effective implementation of every sustainable development policy. Therefore, it is not surprising that recent EU-legislation on matters such as environment protection, border control and immigration, fight against human trafficking or sexual exploitation of children, regulation of labour and financial markets, etc., increasingly impose on Member States obligations in the field of criminal law, requiring them to apply effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties in case of non-compliance with EU-provisions.
On the other hand, criminal law is a dangerous tool. Criminal provisions and penalties dramatically interfere with the individual’s fundamental rights, which also are an essential part of what is commonly meant by sustainable development.
This course explores the complex relationships between EU legislation in the field of criminal law and fundamental rights, as set forth by the European Convention of Human Rights. It will offer students an opportunity to become acquainted with relevant concepts of both ECHR and EU Law in criminal matters, and to improve their ability to deal effectively in English with these topics.

Bibliografia e altri materiali didattici: All materials will be uploaded to the ARIAL-webpage of the course.

Modalità di esame, prerequisiti, esami propedeutici

Esame in un'unica volta o suddiviso in partiunico
Modalità di accertamento conoscenzeEsame
Giudiziovoto verbalizzato in trentesimi

Prerequisiti e modalità di esame The final exam will have a written and an oral part. Mere linguistic mistakes will not be relevant for final grading.

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  • Settore:IUS/17 - Diritto penale - Crediti:6
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Lezioni: 45 ore

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